Month: April 2017

The Bullet Force Game – 2017 FPS Sensation

There is no age limit for these gaming interests, here we go with the games everyone who loves to play some especial games with respect to their interest and area which they liked to view in and except those there are some more person who are in mad of the game even they ready to lose anything for the game.

What’s in the game?

There is a thing that every parent tries to know that what is in the every game? What is the magic did by these games which make everyone to be ideal of their children mental issue? How they are so much interested in the game. The answer is simple, it gives an awesome experience and makes every children dream into satisfaction. Yeah many people had dreamed about themselves what they had liked to be and in many cases they cannot fulfill their imagination. So the gaming sector made their imagination in front of their eyes. Even though they cannot be like in real they can feel like what they in their imagination.

Online games:

Among those there are many of the people had missed their play with their friends for them the game designing corporation had designed the new way of gaming along with everyone within their isolated area. This will bring very big amount of fan base among the whole world, by making like this one side the viewers achieved their joy and the other side the corporation had gained more of experience through audience feedback and gained even more money. Since every action in the world is money based action there everything and every expression give the smell of money. These games are getting more and more advanced everyday because there is huge market and competition between the game designing corporations.

View isolation:

Since we crossed many games then and there in our daily life we had experienced many games especially their mode of movement which lead us in an interesting way. This is the great success behind the designers. Now we see about a unique game known as bullet force. This is a isolated game in a common way this game bring your imagined soldier into your dream world and make their expressions and mind set as a army soldier. These are well graphic made games which seem to be a real war happens into your home. These graphic and sound settings will give the excitement which makes you in the tip of the slope.

 Description of the game:

This game is the story of an army man the army man should clear his objective and make the mission success. You are the army man you going to carry over the mission and move to the next objective.

First thing to become this as a unique is the way of gaming mode. Here you can create a player as like you wish how wills you dreamed of yourself as in your dream. You can get different types of gun. In every mission you can gain some soldiers who going to accompany with you and make your travel in the mission with good partner and the partnership will be the important move to accomplish the mission. In this game you get up to six members as your team mate with the help of help of them you have to kill your enemies.

Since bullet force is an online game and you are going to make a war against some other people who make the team against you and try to kill you.

Is it a business game?

If you had a question like this the answer is yes. This is a business based game, in this game by making a good play than any other you can earn up to 5000 dollars a day which is why you might search for how to hack bullet force. Yes you can, if you gain 10000 points in your game then you will be the godfather in the game and you can start gain in everyday. If you kill a same person ten times in a day then you will be rewarded and can gain some amount as reward for your courageous accomplishment of mission.

If you complete your mission then you will be the master piece and business man through the game, however the corporate magnets had made their mission of publishing the game and make a profit through it is accomplished successfully.

Runescape: Jagex

Maybe one of the best known games in the world of MMORPG’s. Some know it as an infamous villain. Other know it as a hot celebrity. Other just drool around it all day.
Runescape started out as a dodgy graphics game about 28 years ago. Known as RS1 now because, Runescape2 (RS2) has been released… with slightly better graphics and game play.

The graphics on the game are very simple yet stunning. But when you compare it to other big MMORPG’s, Runescape is a pimple in the pumpkin patch. The character is made up of rectangles, vector lines and simple shapes, not a single patch of graphic is smooth layout. If the graphics were improved, it would have attracted a lot more MMORPG gamers attention.

The gameplay of the game is only O.K. The gameplay is very simple, yet addictive in some ways. With over 20 skills to master, you can never be still. Certain skills can lead to certain fortunes. Mastering a non-combat skill (A skill that can be used to produce or make things) can lead too a fortune of gold. Mastering combat skills can make you a mighty fighter.

The creativity of the game is original fantasy. With dungeons and dragons, warhammers and swords, the game can not be over exaggerated. It would be like any fantasy/medieval world you can think of.

The system the ruined the game… forever!
PvP isn’t PvP anymore… it’s Bounty Hunting. You gain too little profit for it for too much time wasted. The trade system has been demolished, although it neglects hackers, scammers and gold sellers, it has done enough damage to the max.

Overall, I will rate this game, 5 out of 10. The system has ruined the game… FOREVER! I can’t say it any better than that.