Month: August 2017

INQ Cloud Touch Comes with a Unique Facebook Interface for Android

Even the range of options that are currently existing in the high end smartphone industry is something that is mouth-watering, it can never really match up to the expectations of a social networking lover as there has not been one single phone to satisfy their needs up until now. The INQ Cloud Touch will be the product that will be bringing a new era into the mobile phone industry since it will be supporting the social networking features in a way that has never been seen before. However, the design of the phone is not revolutionary of the features and it will be looking very similar to the HTC Desire, which might be already present, but it is going to be available in different segment and hence it will not be having any issues relating to the design copying.

The INQ Cloud Touch is going to come with a 3.5 inch touch screen display that will be very close to the levels of the HTC Desire and this could be one of the reasons for this phone look very similar to this HTC phones. However, apart from that the INQ Cloud Touch will be having totally new features and it will be oriented towards getting the best out of the social networking features that are present in it. The INQ Cloud Touch is going to come with a maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, which is definitely one of the high resolutions that you can get in this segment. The INQ Cloud Touch will be introducing a range of social networking options into the mobile phone, but most importantly, it has to be available with a range of connectivity options to connect to the Internet, which will then make the best out of the options that are available in the social networking.

It is for this reason that the INQ Cloud Touch is going to come with options like the 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth and the micro-USB options, which will be taking the connectivity options in this mid-range smartphone to a new league. The internal memory of the INQ Cloud Touch might be just 4 MB, which is not going to be enough for any mobile phone in this segment, but the presence of the 4 GB memory card in the phone certainly satisfies all that requirements for the entertainment options in the phone. The 4 GB memory card is not the maximum amount of memory that you can put into the INQ Cloud Touch since it can support up to 8 GB in the way of other memory cards. The INQ Cloud Touch will be using the Android 2.2 operating system, which is going to be done using a QUALCOMM processor that is rated at 600 MHz. This processor has also been seen in a number of mid-range of smartphones and is regarded as one of the best.

The INQ Cloud Touch is going to be launched in the UK by Vodafone network on April 6th.

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