Mirror’s Edge – Best Game Ever Made?

The most common type of video game out there is exactly like Call of Duty. Everyone plays the same type of game: first-person shooter. If you go to a video game store, it will be filled with action/adventure games and FPSs. The point in each game is the exact game; there is no plot, and you just walk around killing everything you see. You use machine guns, sniper rifles, and explosives to shoot, blow up, snipe, kill, stab, and destroy everything you see. Don’t you find it strange that you are always walking towards the fighting? Most typically, you are pretty much a one man army, killing hundreds of random enemies in one level. Mirror’s Edge is a different type of game.
About Mirror’s Edge

I guess it is a bit more realistic kind of game where you are weaponless about 90 percent of the game if you do it right and are going away from the fighting. Another difference is you are a girl; you have to use extreme skills to take down enemies. You are like a chick ninja. The buttons are also none the same as FPS games. You don’t right trigger spam, spraying bullets everywhere. Instead, you try as hard as you can to go undetected. You attempt to stay in buildings, on the roofs where you can travel between buildings without being seen. Each level of this particular game has a specific purpose; you try to put clues together to find out what is going on in the current society (which is supposed to be set sometime in the future of OUR current society). This girl runs fast, has intense fighting skills for hand to hand combat, and knows how to shoot well, although she does not like to use them often. You can go down zip lines, climb ladders, do crazy jumps, climb in places where you don’t see where to climb, wall run, and use so much skill. The only possible negative things you could say about this game are that you might become a little frustrated with a spot in a level and that the game is a bit small. It is not super easy to find where to go all the time, and even when you do, it’s not always easy to get there. This can be frustrating. Another bad thing some people say is that the game is way too short. But, honestly, after I beat the game on easy, medium, and hard, I also found all the bags, did the time trials, and replayed levels often. This game is so different that it took hours of game play to become bored. This will remain my favorite game of all time, even though I quit playing video games, with my second favorite game being Battlefield: Bad Company because it is also very different. But the point is that there are millions of different things you can do in this game to combat its brevity. You can try sneaking through levels once and fighting through the next time, plus there are many different ways you can travel to complete each level. In my personal opinion, the best way to play the game is without weapons, buy I did use a fair amount of them from time to time to change it up a bit.

Guide to Succeeding

First of all, you cannot run as quickly with a gun or jump as high. Basically, the game is not meant to be played by killing every enemy in every level. If you are skilled at this game, you will learn to play each level while taking out as few enemies as possible. Trust me, going around enemies and sneaking your way through the level is a much better alternative to killing each enemy. Another downside of using the weapons is that you don’t start with one, and enemies only have one clip of ammunition. So, you could kill and enemy, take his gun, kill another with that, take his gun, and continue like that, but that takes all the fun out of the game. The best way to play this game is play once on easy for a level or two to get used to the game, and then go straight into hard difficulty. Also, look for the collectibles in each level. Most levels have two “bags,” which can be found strewn about in random corners and dead ends you might not look for them. If you want to have fun, please, I beg you, do not look on YouTube for videos on finding them or Google their locations. It is a terrible idea and kills the satisfaction that you get when you find a bag. This is very satisfying, as is disarming a weapon correctly on hard without using slow motion and many other awesome features of the game. Overall, this is the most fun game you will every play and spices up your typical video gaming routine severely. Warning! You might become addicted.

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