Runescape: Jagex

Maybe one of the best known games in the world of MMORPG’s. Some know it as an infamous villain. Other know it as a hot celebrity. Other just drool around it all day.
Runescape started out as a dodgy graphics game about 28 years ago. Known as RS1 now because, Runescape2 (RS2) has been released… with slightly better graphics and game play.

The graphics on the game are very simple yet stunning. But when you compare it to other big MMORPG’s, Runescape is a pimple in the pumpkin patch. The character is made up of rectangles, vector lines and simple shapes, not a single patch of graphic is smooth layout. If the graphics were improved, it would have attracted a lot more MMORPG gamers attention.

The gameplay of the game is only O.K. The gameplay is very simple, yet addictive in some ways. With over 20 skills to master, you can never be still. Certain skills can lead to certain fortunes. Mastering a non-combat skill (A skill that can be used to produce or make things) can lead too a fortune of gold. Mastering combat skills can make you a mighty fighter.

The creativity of the game is original fantasy. With dungeons and dragons, warhammers and swords, the game can not be over exaggerated. It would be like any fantasy/medieval world you can think of.

The system the ruined the game… forever!
PvP isn’t PvP anymore… it’s Bounty Hunting. You gain too little profit for it for too much time wasted. The trade system has been demolished, although it neglects hackers, scammers and gold sellers, it has done enough damage to the max.

Overall, I will rate this game, 5 out of 10. The system has ruined the game… FOREVER! I can’t say it any better than that.

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